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art by RE-sublimity-kun


True story, bro.

This is the truest of stories.

Artist problem #1059250912501681095802485203948106

This is truthful. Why? Because artists think that things are handed to them. So they start getting greedy. They wait until they get, and stuck with, a big amount of followers. Mostly by luring them with requests. They they wait and BAM. The slam down the “Pay for my stupid art”hammer. Most people are hungry and will do anything to get their hands on art they requested. But that’s how others unfollow them. Not because they’re idiots. but because nobody should have to pay for shit like that. Unless your mentioned in the news, stop doing commissions.

Well I’m hungry too, that’s why I do commission, you asshole.

What a prick! Drawing takes fucking time! What happened to ‘getting a job and doing what you love?’ how the fuck can we if no one wants to pay for anything and just expects artists to draw for free?

"Artists think that things are handed to them. So they start getting greedy" you mean non-artists start getting greedy, right?

"Most people are hungry and will do anything to get their hands on-" Have you heard the term “starving artist?”

There is a reason why being an artist is considered a “risky” profession by non-creative people- because PEOPLE LIKE YOU like to cheat us out of the pay we deserve because you like taking talented people for granted, and have no concept of labor or exploitation. Show some respect.

We ask for commissions because WE ARE WILLING TO WORK FOR THE MONEY WE EARN. It’s not asking for handouts. Art doesn’t come out of nowhere, and should be paid as such. Don’t believe me? Watch an art time lapse. It takes time and years’ worth of skill to create a piece. Something that people have went to school and trained for, or trained themselves to do for extensive periods of time.

If an artist deems their skill worthy of pay, then it’s FREAKING WORTHY OF PAY. Don’t throw a temper tantrum like a 5-year-old just because you can’t afford an artist’s work.


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